Sanitizing your makeup

Ladies, it’s very important for you to santize your makeup. Here is a little tip on how to sanitize your eyeliners.

1. A sanitizer mist is a good and easy way to clean surfaces of your eye liners. Beauty So Clean has a Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, which you spritz onto your pencil, liquid or gel eye liner and let it dry before use.

2. For the girl who’s on a budget, trying using 70% rubbing alcoh…ol to clean your eye makeup. Moisten a tissue with the alcohol and wipe the surface of the pencil, liquid, or gel eye liner. Wait until the rubbing alcohol dries COMPLETELY before using it.

Now, this only applies to pencil eye liners, but the easiest and fastest way to sanitize is by sharpening. Please be sure to wipe the sharpener with 70% rubbing alcohol before use. Happy Sanitizing!

Stay Beautiful!



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