DIY Recipes: Cucumber Eye Pads

Happy Monday, beauties!! Over the weekend, I decided to try another DIY recipe and I’m excited to say that it worked! They say that cucumbers are great for tired and puffy eyes and to be honest, I really didn’t believe it. I know they do this at the spa a lot, but I’ve always thought it was BS….oops! Cucumbers are composed of 90% water, so they’re extremely hydrating. 

Here is the recipe for Cucumber Eye Pads:

1. In a blender or juicer, make about a pint of fresh cucumber juice and mix it with water. Make sure you cut up your cucumber is small pieces.
2. Pour some juice in a bowl and soak the cotton pads.
3. Squeeze out the excess juice.
4. Place the pads in a sandwich bag; you can place up to 6 pads (2 rows of 3) in one bag (make sure they’re laying flat).
5. Seal the bag(s) and place in the freezer. *NOTE* – use the entire mixture and make as many as you can. Freezing them will help keep them fresh.

In the morning before you shower, take out 2 pads and thaw them out on a plate while you shower. By the time you’re done, the pads should be slightly thawed.  Place the pads on your eyes for 10 minutes. You should feel an immediate cooling and refreshing effect. Cucumbers are a good source of vitamin K and vitamin K shrinks capillaries which will help reduce your dark circles. You can do this daily if you wish.

Isn’t this great? When I heard about it I figured I would give it a shot and share the wealth! LOL!  

Have a fantastic week ladies, and remember stay fabulous!



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