Faux Golden Glow


Living in California has always been a plus for me because regardless of the time of year, the sun is almost always out! However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t try and fake a sunkissed look every now and then…LOL!  During the Winter/Fall months, your skin tends to get a bit lighter because the sun isn’t always out like it is in the summer and you tend to stay indoors to avoid being cold. Here are few tips to help give you that perfect tan look without the harsh effects of the sun. 

The right bronzer can give you that oh so sexy St. Tropez tan, but to successfully get this look, you must select a shade that warms your complexion, rather than change it. 

Light Complexions: Stick to a sheer, cool bronzer that has a beige undertone. Anything too brown will be obvious and make your skin muddy.

Medium Complexions: You guys are some lucky ladies! You can pretty much get away with any bronzer, but your best bet will be one that’s gold or brown.  Those hues really warm up your skin. 

Dark Complexions: Golden and brown-based bronzers look the most natural on you.  If your skin is very dark, opt for a bronzer with more red or copper in it, which will really pop and give you a beautiful, sunny color.  

Give your face a light dusting with translucent powder before applying the bronzer to matte any oils from the skin. Then apply the bronzer in the “W” area of the face (cheeks and the bridge of the nose), which is where the sun naturally hits. Give your cheeks a light dusting first, then, in a circular motion, move the brush across the bridge of the nose without re-dipping into the bronzer. Using what’s left on the brush go into the hairline.  Don’t forget to sweep the bronzer onto your ears because if the ears don’t match the illusion of the tan is broken.

To get a believable looking tan, apply a bright pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks. And finally, don’t neglect your neck and cleavage! Give both areas a light dusting as well and you should be good to go! 

You can use any bronzer you’d like to accomplish this look.  I have personally used NARS bronzer in Laguna and NARS Multiple in Palm Beach (cream-to-powder stick). Both are amazing. If you go with the Multiple Stick, be sure to use your fingers to enhance and sculpt cheekbones, eyes and the jawline. Hope this helps!  

As always…stay beautiful!




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